Beretta 1301 Tactical Mod.2 Semi-Auto Shotgun - Black

New! Beretta 1301 Tactical Mod.2 Semi-Auto Shotgun - Black

New!Beretta 1301 Tactical Mod.2 Semi-Auto Shotgun - Black


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When seeking top-notch craftsmanship in your shotgun, turn to the Beretta ® 1301 Tactical Mod.2 Semi-Auto Shotgun. This meticulously engineered semi-automatic shotgun exemplifies modern design applied to tactical shotgun functionality. Enhance your grip with the upgraded forend, featuring aggressive knurling for a secure hold. Easily customize your setup with the 3 sections of M-LOK®, simplifying accessory attachment. Experience precise control with the semi-flat tactical-style trigger, offering a crisp break and you can try here minimal reset. Enjoy effortless reloading thanks to the Pro-Lifter system. With the B-Link gas operating system and cross-tube gas piston, this shotgun delivers exceptional speed. Plus, the rotating bolt ensures intelligent cycling for optimal performance.

The Pro-Lifter system makes for smooth, easy reloading. The B-Link gas operating system with a cross-tube gas piston gives this shotgun amazing speed. This Beretta shotgun includes a rotating bolt for smart cycling.

  • Upgraded forend with aggressive knurling for a firm grip

  • 3 sections of M-LOK for attachments

  • Semi-flat tactical-style trigger with a crisp break and minimal reset

  • Pro-Lifter for easy reloading

  • B-Link gas system with cross-tube gas piston

  • Rotating bolt for smart cycling


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